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The Testament of John Lydgate:
British Library Additional 34193 Verses

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f.223 verso
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Folio 223 Verso
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Howe1 holsum and glade is the memory
off Criste Ihesu surmountynge ałł swetnesse
Name of conquest of Griumphe and victorie
The assaunte of Satan to venquissh and apperesse
To wich name Seint Paule Berieth wittenesse
Off hevyn and erthe and infarnałł pouste
Ałł creaturis of Right and of due humblenesse
And of olde hert bowe shałł there knee
No songe to swette vnto the audience
As is Ihesu nor so fułł of plesaunce
A gayne ałł enmys sholde pavyse and defence
To hevy hertis chese comfort in Substaunce
Of gostely gladnesse most Souerayne suffisaunce
Chefe dicare to heven warde the Cete
Gladnesse resorte2 of spirituałł Remembraunce
To Whome ałł creaturs bow shall þer knee
To ałł folke that stonde in Repentaunce
With hert contrite made there confession
Of will of thorgħ accomplisshed þe pen[a]nce
and there pouer don satysfaccion
That cleyene be mene of cristes passion
marked with and for more Surte
To them Ihesu shałł graunt full pardon
To aske hym mercy whanne þey knele on þer knee
In this name most souerayne of vertu
O tim holde owre hope and oure assuraunce
ffor where that names is Ihesu
Gyffyn gostely truble men fynde allegavaunce
with for all thrall and brought vs to liberte3
who trusting in Ihesu may fele no grevaunce
wiche from ałł thraldom brought vs to lyberte
oute of ałł servage made acquitaunce
To ałł þat knelithe to Ihesu on ther knee
  1. A space for the initial is provided, but the letter was never completed. The guide letter is visible, however.
  2. The initial gylph here is a form of r that is seen more often in ligatures.
  3. Here the scribe has accidentally written line six of the poem, then caught themselves and marked a deletion through dots under the line. This was then followed by a red line struck through the line.