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The Testament of John Lydgate:
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f.225 recto
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Folio 225 Recto
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With maria called magdaleyne
Erly eche morowe while my lyfe may dure
ffrom slouthe and slommbre my selfe I shałł restreyne
To Seke Ihesu at his sepulture
Whom for to fynde yf I may recovre
To haue possession of hym at liberte
There were in hertis no richer creature1
To whome ałł creaturis bowe shałł there kne
In mercyfułł Ihesu to put a very prefe
of his mercy that no man dispeyre
Vpon the crosse gaffe graunte to þe thevffe
To paradise with hym to repayre
maugre Cerberus and ałłe his crewelte2
O gracius Ihesu benynge and debonayre
Take out of helle Soulis many payre3
haue mercy on ałł þat bowe to þer knee
The name of Ihesu Swetteste of names ałł
Gevyn gostely emnis holsumist treacle
ffor wo so euer vnto this name calle
Of cankered Surfetis fynt reles by meracle
To yeffe blende light lanterne and spectakle
And brightest myroure of ałł felicite
Support and Shelde dyffence and chaste obstacle
To ałł þat knelle to Ihesu on ther knee
Patriarkis and prophetis on be on
The rechasis4 rearchis and all þe orderis ix
xii apostleis and marteris euerychoun
holy confessouris and euery pure virgyn
To blessied Ihesu most mekely shałł enclyne
ffoules fysshen and bestis of the See
kynde thought þem by natureyl disciplyne
mekelly to Ihesu to bowe a downe your knee
  1. The initial glyph seems odd for "c" based on elsewhere in the manuscript, but I am not sure what esle it could be.
  2. there is what appears to be a suspension mark over the e, but there is no glyph that is obviously missing from the word. As this is line seven of the verse in the EETS edition it could be related to that, but it would be an odd way to do so.
  3. This is line five in the EETS edition.
  4. Here unlike in other places the deletion has been dotted underneath but not struck through in red.