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The Testament of John Lydgate:
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f.228 recto
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Folio 228 Recto
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Thys tyme were named of grenesse
Tyme of Ioye of gladenesse and disporte
Tyme of growynge chefe moder of ffresshenesse
Tyme of Reioysnige ordynied for comfort
Tyme whane tyme makieth his resorte
In gresse marche toward ariete
Oure Emyspery to gladen with his hette
With seasoun prikitħ fresshe corage
Reioysieth bestis walkynge in þer pasture
Causieth Birddys to synge in here cage
Whene bkide renewithe in euery creature
Some observaunce doynge to nature
Withe of verry trouthe is callied cheefe princes
And vndir gode ther wordely empresse
And for this lusty Sesoune agreable
Of gladnesse hathe So gret avayntage
Be convenient Resone fułł notable
There to fułł welle resembled childis age
Quyk grene fressh and delyuered of corage
ffor as verry age northe nvrrissieth in grenesse
So dothe childirhode In amerus lustynesse
This quickynge Seasouns mutrified and gude
To his nature hathe . ii1 qualitees
Of hote and moste wiche longe also to blode
In ther ascencion vpwarde by degreys
Of kyndely thyngis the wiche propertees
Of naturałł hette and temperałł mosture
Rekened in Childehode xiiii2 yere doth endure
  1. The scribe appears to have placed the punctus to indicate a numeral as opposed to letters, but neglected to place the punctus to conclude the numeral.
  2. The EETS edition has xiii, but the manuscript here renders it as "xiiii."