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The Testament of John Lydgate:
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f.228 verso
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Folio 228 Verso
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Thus in vi thyngis by orders men may sene
Notabułł a corde and Iustyce1 conneuience
Blod Eyre and veren south and Meredeen
And age of Childehode by naturałł assistence
Withe wiche they stonde premynyence
hete and moster directyd the passage
With grene fervence to force yonge corage
ffyrst Sepherus with his blastes sote
Enspireth veere with newe buddes grene
The bame ascendith out of euery Rote
Chaugynge the flouris agayne the sonne shene
Maye of a month Monether sittith as a quene
Here systyr apryłł waterynge here gardeynis
With holsum shoures shedd in tender vynes2
This tyme of verray flora doth his cure
With soleyne mottelyis passynge fressh and gay
Purpułł colours wrogħt by dame nature
Mountayns vales and medewis to arraye
here warderops opon lyst not to delayne
large mesure shewe out and to shedde
Tre sue of fayre wiche she doth possede
This seasone verray most plesauntly to childirhode
with here chapeletis grene white and Rede
In wiche tyme þe newe yonge blode
hotte and moste ascendynge vp in dede
Reioysinge hertis as it aboougħt doth spereede
wenynge this season amonge there merthes ałł
shuld neuer discresson nor appałł3
  1. The EETS edition has "lust" here.
  2. "George Goodman" is written in pencil to the left of the final four lines in a later hand.
  3. "The vereaunt," the catchwords for the next gathering, appears in a decorated scroll at the bottom right. This indicates that there was more of the poem available originally, unlike with other witnesses where it appears either the first or last sections of the poem are circulating without the rest of the text.