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The Testament of John Lydgate:
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Folio 40 Recto
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Beholde o man lift vp thy eye and se
What mortal peynes / I suffre for thy trespas
With pitous voyce / i crye and sey to the
Beholde my woundes / behold my blody face
Beholde the rebukes / that doth me so manace
Beholde my enemyes / that doth me so dispise
A how that I / to refourme the to grace
Was like a lambe / offred in sacrifice
Beholde the peynemes / of whom I was take
Beholde the cordis / with whiche I was bounde
Beholde the temnres / which made myn hert quake
Beholde the gardeyn / in whiche I was founde
Beholde how Iudas / toke .xxx. penyes Rounde
Beholde his traison / beholde his covetise
Beholde how I with many a mortal wounde
Was like alamb offred in sacrifice
Se my disciple / which that hath me solde
And se his feyned1
And se the money / which he hath tolde
And se his kyssyng / of false decepcioun
Take as a thief / with lanternys in ther guyse
And aftir warde / for mannys redempcioun
Was like alamb / offrid in sacrifice
Beholde to Cayphas / how I was presented
Beholde how Pilat / list gyve me no respite
Beholde how bisshopis / were2 to my deth assentid
And se how herawde / hadde me in dispite
And like a foole / how I was clad in white
Drawen as a felon / in most cruel wise
And last of alle / I after theyr delite
Was like a lamb / offrid in sacrifice
  1. While the example of "money" in the line following suggests that the second glyph of the second word is in fact "o," the fourth glyph of "assentid" in the verse following suggests that the scribe, at times, renders their "e" glyph similarly to "o." The EETS edition has "feyned."
  2. Similarly to the note above the second glyph here appears to be an "o," but is in fact an "e."