a picture of John Lydgate with the initials of the
A Mumming at London:
Trinity R.3.20 Verses

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f.27 recto
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Folio 27 Recto (page 55)
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Lo here filoweþe þe deuyse of a desguysing to fore þe gret
estates of þis lande þane being at Londonn made by Lidegate
daun Iohan þe Munk of Bury of dame fortune dame prudence
dame Rigħtwysnesse and dame ffortitudo beholdeþe for it
is moral plesaunt and notable Loo first komeþe in dame
Loo1 here þis lady þat yee may see
Lady of mutabilytee
Whicħ þat called is ffortune
ffor seelde in oon / she dooþe contune
  1. Here a capital L has been placed over the top of the original nota mark and capital L. Unlike with other witnesses from the same manuscript no attempt has been made to erase the original capital.