a picture of John Lydgate with the initials of the
How the Plage was Sesyd in Rome:
British Library Additional 29729 Verses

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f.4 verso
Folio 4 Verso

Folio 4 Verso
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how the plage was sesyd in rome / Iohnn lidgat
so noble medesyne / ne so sovereyne
so speciall stronge / gayn ffever pestilent
Avicen / ypocras / nor yet1 Galen
Cerapioun nothar for all his Iugement
nor Esculapius / for all his medicament
coulde nevar make in all his lyves space
medecene lyke to the lord omnipotent
when to his people / he lyfte send his grace
  1. The scribe made a mistake with the initial glyph, but corrected it.