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Quis Dabit Meo Capiti Fontem Lacrimarum:
Laud 683 Verses

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Folio 78 Recto
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Here begẏnneth a lamentacioun of our ladẏ
Who shal ẏeve // vn to mẏn hed a welle
of bitter terẏs / my sorw ẏs to compleẏne
Or a gret condewit // of troublẏ watrẏs ffelle
doun to dẏstẏlle // fro mẏn eẏen tweẏne
To shewe the constreẏnt / of mẏ dedlẏ peẏne
Whan I allas // be holde and dẏd see
mẏ dere sone // bleede in euerẏ veẏne
atwix two thevẏs // naẏllẏd to a tre
Who shal of wepẏng // geve me suffẏsaunce
Or to mẏ sobbẏng // who shal me terẏs ffẏnde
to se mẏ joie / mẏn hertis hiħ plesaunce
mẏ soote sone // that was to me so kẏnde
railled with red blood // as sap doth thoruħ the rẏnde
thorugh his enmẏes // vengable Cruelte
dirkened with deth // his eien now maad blẏnde
atwix two thevẏs // naẏlled to a tre