a picture of John Lydgate with the initials of the
Quis Dabit Meo Capiti Fontem Lacrimarum:
Long Melford Verses

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First Panel
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[.] [.....] [.......] [...] [...] [..][....] [....] [..]ke1
to [..] the lord [..] [.....] [......] [...] [.....]e
meke as alambe thus offerid for youre sake
to sle þe dragoun with his hedes seuene
dauntyng the power of his infernall2 leuene
out of his thraldom to make you goo free
[....] [....] [.]o w[.....]s than [...] man kan3 neuene
[....] [....] [....] [....] [....] [....] [....] atree4
  1. This line is damaged down to the bare wood save for the final two letters.
  2. There must be a missing suspension mark above the “a” here, as the line crossing the terminal “l” indicates that it is the rightmost of two barred “l” and the letter preceding them cannot be “n.”
  3. The remnants of the ascender with split finishing stroke here suggest that the missing letter is a “k” rather than the expected “c.”
  4. The top of the ascender on “t,” with its split finishing stroke, can be seen just above the replaced wood from the repair here. There is no indication of the otiose mark, which means that “a” is connected to it on the left.