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Quis Dabit Meo Capiti Fontem Lacrimarum:
St. John 56 Verses

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Folio 73 Verso
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Quis dabit capiti meo fontem lacrimarum ؛
Who shall yeve / to myne heed a welle ؛
Off bytter teers / my sorowes to compleyne ؛
Of a grete condwyt / of trubly waters felle ؛
Doun to stylle / fro myne eyen tweyne ؛
To schewe the constreynt / of my dedly peyne ؛
Whan I allas / behyld and dede see ؛
My dere soone blede / in euery veyne ؛
A twene too þeues / nayled to a Tree ؛
Who schall of wepynge / yeve me suffysaunce ؛
Or to my sobbyng / who schall me teeres fynde ؛
To see my ioye / myne hertis hygh plesaunce ؛
My swete sone / that was to me so kynde ؛
Rayled with reed blood / as sappe þorough þe rynde ؛
Thorough his en enemyes / vengeable cruelte ؛
Derkened with dethe / his eyen nowe maad blynde ؛
A twen too þeuys nayled to a tree ؛
My ioye / my light / my lanterne most entere ؛
This heuenly phebus / ys clypsed of his lyght ؛
This esperus / hath hyd his beemys cleere ؛
And ys of newe / consteyned fro my syght ؛
Whan schall this day sterre / schewe his beemys bryght ؛
To clere the troble / of myne aduersyte ؛
Pardee the Jewes / doon to me gret vnryght
To nayle my sone / allas / vnto a tree ؛
O alle the doughtren / of Jerusalem ؛
Havethe som compassioun / of my sighes depe ؛
Nat lyke the gladnesse / whiche I had in bedleem ؛
Com nere of rewthe / and helpe me fore to wepe ؛
A swerd of deethe / doth þorugh my herte crete ؛
I feel yt wele / of moderly pytee ؛
Crampysshed with dethe / swownynge I do slepe ؛
To see my soone / þus nayled to a Tree ؛
O gentyll princesses / and ladies of estate
And ye vyrgenys / in youre entent moost clene ؛
To yeve comfort / that stond all desolate ؛
Renneth the a paas / to see þe … woundes grene ؛
Off youre trewe spouse / of bledyng pale and lene ؛
And aduertysethe / and haue nowe rewthe on mee
ffeynt for to stonde / for how schulde I sustene ؛
To see my soone / þus nayled to a Tree ؛