a picture of John Lydgate with the initials of the
Quis Dabit Meo Capiti Fontem Lacrimarum:
British Library Harley 2251 Verses

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Folio 42 Verso
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Quis dabit capite meo fontem lacrimarum1
Who shal gyve · vnto my hede a welle
Of bitter teeris · my sorw to compleyne
Of a grete conduyte · of troubly waters felle
Donne for to stille · fro my moyst eyen tweyne
To shew the constraynt · of my dedly peyne
Whan I allas · bihold and did se
My diere sone bleede · in euery veyne
A twene two thiefis · nayled to a tre
Who shal of wepyng · give me suffisaunce
Vnto my sobbyng · who shal my teris sprede
To se my joye · my hertis higħ plesaunce
My swete sone · that was to my so kynde
Rayled with reede bloode · as sap dotħ thurgħ þe rynde
Thurgħ his enemyes vengeable cruelte
Dirked with deth · his eyen now made blynde
A twene two theves · nayled to a tre
My joye my ligħt · my lanterne most entier
This hevenly phebus · is clipsed of his ligħt
This Esperus · hatħ hidde his beames clere
And is of new · certeyned fro my sigħt
Whan shal this day sterre · shewe me his beames brigħt
To clere the trouble · of myn aduersite
Parde the jewes · done to me to grete vnrigħt
To nayle my sone · allas vnto a tre2
O alle ye doughtres · of Jerusalem
Have some compassioun · of my sigħes depe
Nat lyke the gladnes · whicħe I had in Bedlem
Cometh now of rewth · and helpe me for to wepe
A swerd of deth · doth thurgħ myn hert crepe
I fele it wele · of ful modirly pite
  1. There are two dots to the left of each letter where a paraph mark should be placed by the rubricator.
  2. The guide dots have been placed in the wrong location by the scribe, and the rubricator follows suit.