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The Testament of John Lydgate:
Long Melford Verses

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Second Panel
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O ihesu mercy wyth support of thyn grace
for thyn meke1 passioun remembre oure compleynt
duryng oure lyf with many gret trespace
by many wrong path where we haue myswent
we now purpose by grace influent
calle to remembraunce of surfetis don to the2
[...] [......] [..] oure laste testament3
wyth ihesu mercy knelyng on oure kne
  1. The remnant of the “e” can be seen in the final letter of the word. When compared with the “k” in “meekly” in the panel for verse 59, it is clear “meke,” rather than “meek,” is the scribe’s intent here.
  2. This reading is unique to Long Melford.
  3. The bottom of the “o” and “u” of “our” are clear in the fourth word on the line. Likewise, the number of minims and the lack of an otiose mark for the final letter make it clear it is “laste” rather than “last,” and the otiose marks beginning and ending the word and the number of minims make it clear it is “testament.” The bottom as well as the top of the words at the beginning of the line is sometimes missing, making any judgments regarding spelling more speculative there. The abbreviation for the final “e” in “oure” is based on how the word is formed elsewhere on the panel.