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The Testament of John Lydgate:
Long Melford Verses

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Sixth Panel
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Though thou be myghty þou art eke mercyable
to alle folkis that mekely theym repente
we wrecchis contrarious1 and culpale
to alle outragis redy to assent
but of hool herte and will in oure entent
of olde and newe all vicious gouerance2
of youthe or3 age and of tyme mys spent
graunte orwe deye shrifte hosill and repentance
  1. This reading is unique to Long Melford.
  2. While this line is damaged across the top, enough of the letters (in some cases, only the finishing strokes of the minims) remain to make out the scribal intent, including the pointed bottom of the v in “vicious.” There is also a a “de” ligature here—a form that can be seen more clearly in the “de” of “deye” in the final line.
  3. This abbreviation is especially interesting because the scribe places the suspension mark above the “r”, but retains the form of the r that is only found in the “or” ligature.