a picture of John Lydgate with the initials of the
The Testament of John Lydgate:
Long Melford Verses

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And vnder support ihesu of thyn favoure
or we passe hens this is hooly oure entent
to make the ihesu to be chef survioure
of oure laste wyll set in oure testament
weche of oure self be insufficient
to rekene or counte but mercy and pite1
be preferred or thou do iugement
to vs that calle to the ihesu on oure kne
  1. The crossbar of the “t” in “to” is visible at the beginning of the sentence, as are the tops of the letters in “rekene” following. The top of the “o” is visible, and the “r” following can be assumed based on the “or” in the line following. The top of the “c” and “o in “counte” are visible as well. The lack of a tittle on the terminal letter in “pite,” as well as the remnant of the finishing stroke up and to the left clarify the final letter.