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A Mumming at London:
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Folio 141 Recto
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So did she sesar Iulius1
she made him first victorius
thoughe to doo well she be full lothe
of a bakers sone in sothe
she made him amighty emperour
and hool of rome was gouernoure
maugrey the senat / and all ther myghte
But whan the sonne / shone most bright
of his tryumphe / fer and nere
and he was corouned / with laurnier
vnworthy thorough / his mortalle lawe
with bodkyns / he was eslawe
at the capitaylle / in Consistorye
loo / affter all his gret victory
sesar a bakers sone
see how this lady can appalle
the noblesse of thos prynces all
she hath two tunys in her seller
that on is full / of pyment cler
confect2 with suger and spyces swete
and mannys delectabell roote
but this is yet the worste of all
that other time is full of gall
who tasteth one / ther is non other
he moste taste eke of that other
whos sodeyne chaynges ben not soffte
ffor now she can raysse one alofte
ffrom lowgħe estate / till hye degre
In ould storyes / ye may see
estates chaunge / who taketh kepe
ffor on gyges3 that kept shepe
she mad by vertue of a rynge
ffor to be made / a worthy kynge
and by fals mourdre / I dare expresse
he cam e4 to all his worthynesse
moste odyous / of all thynges
and cresis5 richest of all kynges
was so surgedus / in his pryde
that he went vppon no syde
non erthly thinge might hym perturbe
nor hys ryall estate disturbe
till on a night adreme he mette
how Iubo6 in the ayre hym sette
and Iubiter / he vnderstondes
xxxi cap
  1. Bracketed on both sides.
  2. Trinity R.3.20 has "confeit."
  3. Bracketed on each side.
  4. The scribe has overwritten the final minim of "m" here with an "e"
  5. Bracketed on both sides
  6. Trinity R.3.20 has "Iuvo."