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A Mumming at London:
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Folio 143 Recto
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off verry magnanymyte
thinges gret doth vnderfonge
takinge in pryses1 / which ben stronge
and moste she doth hir pouer preue
a communalte2 for to releve
namely vpon a grounde of truth
than in hir ther is no slouthe
ffor to mayntayn the good comune
and also the assaultes of fortune
of verrey stedfastnesse of thoughte
all hir chaunges / she sette at noughte
ffor this uertu magnyfycence
thorough hir mighty excellence
she armed thos philosophers coulde3
off wordly thinge / that they nought tould
recorde vpon dyogenes4
on plato5 and on socrates6
she made cypionn7 of cartage
to vnderfonge in hys age
ffor comune preufyte thinges grete
and for no dred list not lett
agaynst rome that mighty toune
for to defende his g regyon
she made hector8 for hys cite
to spare for non adversyte
but as amyghty champyon
in the defence of troyes toun
to dye with outen fere or dred
and thus this lady who taketh hed
makith hur champyons stronge
parralus thinges to vunderfonge
till that they ther purpose fyne
record of the worthes nyne
off / other eke that were but late
In9 meane prynces / of latter date
henry the fyfte / I dare seye soo
he myght be tould for on of the
empryses that were begonne
he left not til they wer wonne
and I supposse / and yow list see
that thos ladyes all thre
were of his counsayle doutles
.i. republica
  1. Trinity R.3.20 has "enpryses" here, which provides a different reading.
  2. There is an otiose tittle over what should be the final glyph before the "a" in this word.
  3. Trinity R.3.20 has "oolde" here, which might fit better, but the structure of words like "comune" in line nineteen of this section and "cometh" in the incipt, when compared with "smoothe" in the third line of f.140r and "doo" in the third line from the top of f.141 indicate that this is meant to be a "co" construction.
  4. Bracketed on both sides
  5. Bracketed on both sides.
  6. Bracketed on both sides
  7. Bracketed on the left.
  8. Bracketed on the left
  9. The EETS edition corrects this to "I," in one of the few instances of correction that MacCraken noted.