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A Mumming at London:
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Folio 143 Verso
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fforce prudence1 and rightwysnesse2
off thos thre / he toke his roote
to putt fortune vnder fott
and sith this ladye / in vertu stronge
soustayneth trouth and doth it wronge
late hur now to more and lasse
be welcome to yow this cristmasse
And this edone cometh in the forthe lady cleped
dame feyre and wyse attempraunce
This fayre lady that ye sene here
humble debonare / and sadd of chere
I called is attemperaunce
to sett all thinge in gouernaunce
and for hir susters to provyd
vyces all shall circumsyde
and setten them in stabulnesse
with hir cousin soburnesse3
she shall from vyces them restreyne
and in vertue hold hur reyne
and ther in gyue them liberte
eschuynge all dishoneste
and them in furmen by prudence
ffor to haue pacyence
lownesse and humylite
and pryd specially to flee
contynence from glotenye
eschue dishonest companye
fflen the dyte and the tauerne
and in soburnesse them gouerne
with hart all4 euer they can
In vertu louen euery man
sey the best ay of entent
who that seyth well doth not repente
detraction and gloteny
voyde them from thy company
and all rancoure sett asyde
be not to hasty / but euer abyde
specially to done vengaunce
in abode it no repentaunce
and in vertu / who is thus sett
than be thos susters well Imett
and sothly yf it be discerned
who by thos foure / is thus gouerned
thus I meane that by prudence
he haue the myrrour of prouydence
  1. Bracketed on the right
  2. Bracketed on the right.
  3. Bracketed on the right.
  4. It appears that the final glyph has been stuck out, but this may simply be a smudge. Both "al" and "all" appear in this work, and so I've decided to err on the side of assuming it is a mistake.