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A Mumming at London:
British Library Additional 29729 Verses

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Folio 142 Recto
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To consider thre maner thynges
allwyes by good auysement
thinges passed and eke presente
and thinges aft that shall fall
and she not looke / first of all
and done hir Inward besy peyne
thinges presente for to ordeyne
auysely on euery side
and future thinges for to provyde
the thinges passed in substaunce
ffor to haue in remembraunce
and who thus dothe I saye that he
verrayly hath eygħen thre
comitted vnto his deffence
the truue myrrour of prouydence1
than this lady is hys gyde
hym to defend / on euery syde
agayne fortune goode and peruerse
and all hir power for to reuerse
ffor fraunchysed and lybertie2
from hys power to goo free
stond alle folkes in sentence
which byn gouerned by prudence3
Now sheweth hyr here the second lady dame ryghtwysnesse4
Soth here this lady rightwyssnes
of all vertues she is prycesse
for by the scales of hur ballaunce
she sett them all in gouernaunce
she putteth asyde it is no drede
frenshipe fauour / and all hines5 nede6
loue and drede7 She setteth at noughte
ffor rightfull dome may not be boughte
and ryghtwysnes8 who can esspye
hath neyther hand nor eyghe9
she loste hur hand full ther agone
ffor she reseyueth gyftes none
nother of frend nother of foo
and she hath lost hur syght allso
for of ryghte she dothe provyde
nought for to loke on neyther syde
to hyghe estate no lowe degre
but doth to boden10 all equyte
and maketh non excepcion
to nayther part but of rayson
  1. Bracketed on the left side.
  2. The EETS edition adds "[at]" prior to "liberte," which is missing here.
  3. Bracketed on both sides.
  4. Bracketed on both sides.
  5. Trinity R.3.20 has "kyns" here. It seems likely that the scribe misinterpreted the initial letter of the exemplar.
  6. Trinity R.3.20 has "meede"
  7. Bracketed on both sides.
  8. Bracketed on the right.
  9. The second glyph appears to have been written over with an "y" but it is unclear what the scribe originally wrote here.
  10. Trinity R.3.20 has "boþen" here.