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A Mumming at London:
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f.142 verso
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Folio 142 Verso
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And for the purpos of this matter
of a Iuge ye shall here
which neuer his lyffe of entent
ther passed no Iudgemente
by his lippes of falsenesse
of whome the story doth expresse
after his dethe / by accountes cler
more than thre hundred yeare
his body as is made mencyous[y]1
was tourned vnto corrupcyouy2
the story telleth it is no dred
but lyche aroos / swet and red
mouth and lippes were yfounde
nougħte corrupte / but hole and sounde
ffor truth that he did expresse
in all his domes of ryghtwyssenes
ffor this lady / with that balaunce
was with hym of acquayntaunce
which him made in his ententes
to gyue also ryghtwyse Iugemente
wherfore this lady which ye here see
with hur balaunce of eq[u]yte3
hath the scales hanged soo
that she hath nothynge to doo
neuer with fortunes4 doubellnesse
for euer in on state ryghtwysenesse5
no wher mouinge to ne fro
in no thynge that she hath to do
Lo here kometh in now the third lady called fortitudo6
Taketh hede this fayre lady loo /
I called is fortitudo7
whan philosophers by ther sentence
ar wante to clepe magnyfycence8
and fortitudo9 sothly she hyghte
ageyne all vyces for to fyghte
agaynste ałł aduersyte
in signe wher of she bereth aswerde10
That she of nothinge is a ferde
ffor common profit also she
  1. As is seen elsewhere in the manuscript a word we might expect to terminate in an "n" instead terminates in either a "y" or "h." Here, however, it looks like the scribe first wrote an "s" and then corrected it to "y."
  2. As mentioend in the previous note, the final word of this line terminates with "y."
  3. The scribe forgot the "u" after the "q" glyph here, and has added it between "q" and "u"
  4. Bracketed on both sides.
  5. Bracketed on both sides.
  6. Bracketed on both sides.
  7. Bracketed on the right.
  8. Bracketed on the left.
  9. Bracketed on both sides.
  10. The scribe originally had written a different word here but corrected themselves by writing over the section after "as" with "werde."