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The Testament of John Lydgate:
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f.226 verso
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Folio 226 Verso
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Let not be lost that thow hast bought So dere
With golde nore with Silvyr but with precius blode
Oure flessh is freełł but shorte abydinge here
The olde sarpent malisious and wode
The worlde vnstabułł now Ebbe now flode
Eche thynge concludynge on A mutabilite
A gayne whose dangeris I holde this consełł gode
To pray for mercy to Ihesu on oure knee
And vndir Support Ihesu of thy fauoure
Or passe hens this holy myn entent
To make Ihesu cheffe Surveoure
Of my last wyłłe Sette my testament
Wiche of my Selfe am In Sufficiaunt
To Recon and compter but mercy and pyte
Be preferred or thou doo Iugement
To ałł to Ihesu ther on knee
Age is crope in And callith me to my greve
To ma kenynge how I haue my spent
Baren of vertu alas who shałł me save
ffrom frendis danger to A count my talent
But Ihesu be my staffe and my potent
Over streth audite is like to encombre
Or done be yeffe be yeve1lete mercy by present
To ałł þat knelyn to Ihesu on ther keeknee
Now in the name of my lord Ihesu
Of right hole herte in ałł my best entente
My childe remembrynge froward and vicious
Aye contrary to þe commaundement
of crist ihesu now withe advysement
The lord beshechinge to have mercy and pyte
My ȝouthe my age how I have myswent
With this worde saide knelynge vpon my knee
  1. It appears the scribe may have written two versions of the same phrase.