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The Testament of John Lydgate:
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Folio 227 Verso
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Where vnto me anon there did appere
where that I lay compleyinge in a traunce
Clade in a mantełł A woman sad of chere
Black whas here abyte Sobure of contenaunce
Straunge whas here porte froward of daliaunce
Castynge here loke to meward in certayne
leke as of me she had disdeyne
This said woman callied remembiraunce
Of my myspent tyme in youthis lustynesse
Which to recorde did me gret grevance
Then came here suster namyd pensyfenesse
ffro olde surfetis and to me dresse
A wofułł biłł wicħ brought vnto me my mynde
My gret outerage of longe tyme left be hynde
Lyggynge a lone I gane to ymagyne
how with iiii tymes departed þis þe yere
Furst how In my soule to Illumyn
Buddes hyn opon agayne the sonne clere
The bame vppe reysed most souereyne and entre
Out of þe Rote most naturally doth assende
With newe lyf the bareyn sole to a mende
The honysokiłł the fressħ primerolles
There rolles levys splaye at febus vprisinge
The amorus foules with morthis and carołł
Salve that seasoun euery mornynge
Whane Aurora hyr lycoure distyllynge
Sent on erbis the perly droppis shenne
With Siluyr dropis to enlumyn with þe grene